• Global coverage of (E)PR policies
    SagisEPR provides monitoring and analysis of (E)PR policies and their implementation on electronics (EEE), batteries and packaging worldwide. Policy areas covered include take-back, eco-design, substance restriction, and related waste policies, such as waste shipment requirements.

    Policy developments are covered from the drafting stage of legal texts onwards. Texts are analysed in view of the impact on stakeholders, notably producers.  

    Policy implementation developments and the resulting 'compliance markets' are analysed i.a. in view of compliance providers present, compliance choices made by producers and economic and environmental performance.
  • In-depth analysis
    SagisEPR integrates decades of experience of the Perchards’ and Sagis’ WEEE and batteries information services on a functionally improved content management platform.

    SagisEPR includes Perchards’ non-beverage Packaging Public Policy and Compliance country reports.

    Brief or in-depth jurisdiction reports cover around 400 jurisdiction-policy combinations, analyszing over 2,500 legal texts and around 600 relevant organisations. Jurisdiction reports are complemented by around 2,300 news items.

    Special Reports provide multi-country comparisons or in depth analysis of a specific topic.  Libraries provide direct access to legal texts, relevant organisations and 3rd party studies.
  • Ease of use
    SagisEPR content is structured according to the pyramid principle: Interactive maps provide links to high level jurisdiction summary reports. From there, subscribers can drill down quickly to detailed analyses and further to the original legal text.

    A compare function allows users to compare specific requirements or implementation aspects from several countries. Search and library functions provide pinpointed access to content.
  • Subscriber benefits
    SagisEPR serves producers, association, policy makers and compliance consultants as
    • a monitoring tool for legal and commercial EPR developments impacting their organisation, members or clients;
    • a reference tool to analysis of e.g. specific legal provisions, available compliance organisations;
    • a training tool that brings new staff up to speed quickly by using common content structure and terminology for all jurisdictions;
    The service assists legal and compliance departments of global manufacturers to assure legally and commercially effective (E)PR compliance thereby minimizing compliance risks and costs.
Germany - Packaging
Bundesrat relatively restrained in its amendments to draft Packaging Law23-Feb-17
Italy - Waste Management
New operator selected, SISTRI to be fully operational by end 201720-Feb-17
China - TFS and waste policy
Import of waste silicon and mica scrap banned20-Feb-17
Singapore - RoHS
RoHS restriction to come into force from June20-Feb-17
Eurasian Economic Community RoHS to come into force from March 201820-Feb-17
China - Batteries
MEP publishes pollution control policies related to batteries20-Feb-17
Bill restricting e-waste exports reintroduced to Congress10-Feb-17
Norway - Packaging
Norway increases beverage container taxes10-Feb-17
Malta - Batteries
Eco-contribution removed, compliance organisation in preparation09-Feb-17
Croatia - General Waste Policy
Waste Management Plan 2017-2022 published09-Feb-17
Netherlands - Packaging
Sustainability plans now cover 83% of the Dutch market09-Feb-17
EU - WEEE/Packaging/Batteries
Commission publishes review of national implementation of environment policies08-Feb-17
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© Sagis / Perchards